Mlubasphotography | philadelphia smash the cake session

SMASH THE CAKE $180 ( In Studio Price) 
(sale tax included)
 ~Up to 40 min. session
 ~20  downloadable digital image
~each addition is $5
 ~Right to print them
~Saturdays Sessions Are $50 Extra

Q: What are your Hours?

A: My Hours are Monday-Friday around 9:30a.m.-6:30p.m. 

*Saturday Session are $50 Extra


Q: Where is the session take place? 

A: My Studio located in Philadelphia PA 19114.  In My house, 

I have 250 sq space dedicated to my passion. I call it my Happy Place :)

Its All Equipped to make you comfy & relaxed there… 

***Outdoors session is $50 Extra***

Q: Are we Only going to smash the cake or also take some nice Photos?
A:Yes Before the Cake mess… we definitely going to take some cute photos of your baby.
Q: Can I also include my other Children in this session?
A:This Session will be ALL about your Little one, But
Mom & Dad are welcome to take couple photos during the session for no extra charge,
But If you also want couple photos of your other children , It will be $50 Extra.
***Family session are Priced Differently*** 
Q: Who provides the Cake or Cupcake?
A: Mom provides the cake, you can make it yourself, custom order or grab some in your local store.
Also take in consideration any allergy your child may have.
Q: What to bring?
A: ~Your Toddlers Favorite toy/book ( we will only use it, if the baby refuses to take pictures or is afraid and crying. Other wise keep it away for your baby)
    ~Mamas you can bring couple outfits to change for your little one. (for girls tutus are cute, For boys overalls or jean pants)
    ~Some snack and drinks for your little one.
   ~also don't forget to bring small cake or cupcake.
   ~Some moms custom order outfit at Etsy for their toddler.
   ~Balloons if you wish. 
Q: Oh no! I am afraid of the mess, how we go about that?
A: Don't Worry about it, bring lots of baby wipes , or a towel . You can quickly wash the baby in our sink.
I will clean all the mess up!
Q: Can I bring some decoration and set up for the session?
A: If you have an idea of decoration in mind let me know in advance, so we can plane that together!
Q:When is the Payment due?
A:The Payment in full is due after the session. Cash or check.
Q:How/When do we get the photos?
A:You will get your Photos 2 week after you pick your Favorites, I will send you digital downloadable link to your email
after I am done editing them, Print release form will also be attached. If you Wish to also have USB flash mailed out to you.
There is $20 fee for that.
Q: Can I have 1-2 photos with in 24 hours for the Birthday Party?
A:I will try to send them to you but can't Promise.
If you wish to have All your favorite Photos ready with in 48. There will be $50 fee for that.