Mlubasphotography | Philadelphia Baby Photographer 6 month
Baby 6 Months $180 ( In studio Price)
(sales tax included)
 ~ 40-60 min. session time
 ~20  downloadable image
~each additional is $5 
 ~Right to print them​
~ Saturday Sessions are $50 Extra 


This is a Wonderful Session....I really love it! The Baby doesn't runaway from us yet, smiles and make different kind of Faces! 

Well yeah lots of drooling cause of teeth stage but too cute! its Ideal that your baby can sit on their own, it more about the stage not the age.





Q: What are your Hours?

A: My Hours are Monday-Friday around 9:30a.m.-6:30 p.m. 

*Saturday Session are $50 Extra

I am not available on Sunday…My Only day off :)



Q: Do you provide outfit for the Baby?

A: I do have  basket, bucket and headbands  for this type of session. But I don't provide  a lot of outfits like i do for Newborns session.

Well I do have couple outfit for the baby girl….. But I also like Photographing them naked,( just covering the private part with wrap and posing)


Q: When is the Best time to book?

A: I say right after Newborn session or when the baby is 3 month. I try to aim for 7 month time to make sure the baby is stable at sitting.

Don't wait  to book last minuet, i may not guarantee any opening date for you.


Q: Where is the session take place? 

A: My Studio located in Philadelphia PA 19114.  In My house,


I have 250 sq space dedicated to my passion. I call it my Happy Place :)

Its All Equipped to make you comfy & relaxed there… 


 Q:I like to have the session of my little one outdoors is there an option for that?

Yes we can do  the session outdoors as well more information HERE

Q: What to bring? 

A: ~Your Toddlers Favorite toy/book ( we will only use it, if the baby refuses to take pictures or is afraid and crying. Other wise keep it away for your baby)

    ~Mamas you can bring couple outfits to change for your little one. (for girls tutus are cute, For boys overalls or jean pants)

    ~Some snack and drinks for your little one. Yes 


Q: Can I also include my other Children in this session and do some family Session?

A: This Session will be ALL about your Little one, But

Mom, Dad & Siblings  are welcome to participate in couple of the photos


*If you want a Session that will be ALL about your Family.... HERE is a Price list for that.*



Q: Can I bring my own props of the session?

A: Yes you can… But let me know in advance what you are planing to bring, so I can plan accordantly…


Q: When is the Payment due?

A: The Payment in full is due after the session. Cash or check.

I don't take credit cards.


Q: How/When do we get the photos?


A: You will get your Photos 2 week after you pick your Favorites, I will send you digital downloadable link to your email after I am done editing them, Print release form will also be attached. If you Wish to also have USB flash mailed out to you.

There is $20 fee for that.