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          NEWBORN Q & A 
Q: How/when do we book you?
A:Please book your session at least 3 month before your due date!!!
I take limited sessions a month.

 Simply Email me letting me know. I will put you in  my Calender.  I take limited newborn session a month. And letting me know in advance will guarantee
 newborn session with me.
Q:What are your hours for Newborns?
A:Newborn session are done in the mornings…. 
Monday- Friday 10:30 a.m.
Saturday and Evening sessions are $50 Extra
I am not available on Sundays…My Only day off :)
Q:Where is your Studio Located?

A: My Studio is located inside my house. 

I have a room about 250 sq. its equipped and set up just for the session.
Its definitely my favorite room in our house!
I love Welcoming people inside our house!
Parking is on the street.
Q:Can you travel  to my house?
A:I can….there will be $100 fee for that…Just because I will need to load and take lot of stuff with me,it definitely take a lot of hours/Energy for me to do that.

In Studio I have everything organized and ready to go. 


Q: Why photograph the baby that early 5-10? 

A: I know how you feel tires/exhausted and not the prettiest ,when you just had a baby,Its been proven that babies are curly and sleepy best for the first couple weeks of their life.It so much easier to pose the baby at 5-10 days. Don’t worry if the babies belly button is not healed, I try to cover it up with posing and wraps. 

And Mama I know we carry extra unwanted weight in our bodies after birth, I take that into consideration when posing and editing… So don’t worry! 


Q: Can Me and My Husband be in some of the pictures with our baby?

A:  Absolutely Mama & Daddy are welcome to take photos with the baby for no Extra charge.

I warned you the Studio will be Warm! About 80 degree.
Q: Can other siblings/grandparent be in the photos?

A: Sibling are also welcome but the session will take longer. And don’t forget to bring  snacks & drink for your toddler . 

Also Bring something that will make him busy when he is not taking photos.


Q: How Many photos we get to choose from Newborn Session?

A:I take a lot of photos during the season, sort/pick them out and you get to see around 30-45 photos from the session.And then you get to pick out your 20 Favorite photos, that are included in the Price.

And if you wish to buy more, you are welcome to do that, Most families add extra photos!


Q: Can my dog be in a picture with the baby?

A: Sorry I like to keep my studio pet free & smoke free Environment….
Q:Are we aloud to bring our camera/phone and take photos?
A:Sorry you are not aloud to that photos during the session, with phone or your digital camera, I am summing you are paying me to that. behind the seen photos are welcome: ) don’t forget to send them to me later :) 


Q: What happens if I need to reschedule?
A. If needing to reschedule, please provide me with a 24+ hour notice in advance. You have 2 reschedules max!! When discussing another available date, keep in mind I am  busy and do have other sessions, so there is no guarantee on an immediate new session date.
Q: Do you offer evening session?
I prefer not to do evening newborn session…. 



1.I have much better light in my studio in the morning

2.Babies do better in the morning

3.I have more energy & creativity  in the morning. ( I am a morning person)


But If evening is the Only time you can make to to the studio.

It will be $50 Extra.

I understand that If you have older children they might need to skip school that day:((((


Do you any Saturday available for Newborn session?

Saturday Session is $50 Extra 

Most of my Saturday session are usually booked way in advance… 

and sometimes they are so not available:(

And babies Don't really come in their due date…. We have to play it by ear…


Q:Can we pick out Props  we like to use?

A: Yes since we don’t have all the time in the world to do every pose and use every prop.

 I Limit the props and outfits change
you can pick any 2 prop/baskets . 
Outfits are picker during the session, I have box that you can look through, and pick out couple of your favorite.
Q: Why Newborn session last about 2-3hour????
A: There is a lot that goes on at the newborn session, thats feeding, burping changing the baby or cleaning the mess. Newborn are mostly photograph while they are sleeping , So taking the time to put the baby to sleep. Posing the baby in to perfect pose and so on. So time adds on.... 
***Please Prepare your Husband in advance, let him know that the session may that that long...


 so if he need to take a laptop or iPad to work on,  he is more then welcome to do that…
He may leave the session earlier if he has a meeting or so…. parents with siblings sometimes take 2 cars…
as soon as other children are done with pictures, they can go home or to the  Park.
But are so WELCOME to stay in the studio during babies session***
Q: If my baby is nude, will they pee or poop on me?
A: Possibly, lol. At this age, babies have zero control. And I have that happen almost every session..Dads, mom and me get pooped on… 
Make sure that you have extra clothes for yourself on hand. And Dont worry I hand wash and clean everything after the session.
Getting pooped on and doing lots of laundry is a Joy of being a Newborn Photographer :) 
Q: How/when should we pay?
A: The Payment is Do after the session. Cash or Check.
I don't except credit card at this time.
Q:When/ How I will  receive my photos?
A: Photo will be ready 2 week after you pick your Favorite photos. I Will send you a downloadable  link with High resolution files , and Print release form
If you Wish to have USB flash drive mailed out to your home add extra $20.
READY TO BOOK! Email me FB-CoverFB-Cover