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Family shot list

Immediately following the wedding ceremony most clients’ request for family photos to be taken at the ceremony site. For a wedding photographer this includes gathering everyone attending the ceremony and taking their photos with the newlyweds in every combination possible. Depending on the size of the wedding party and because the wedding photographer is unfamiliar with both parties’ friends and family members this always serves to be a challenge.

So I ask you please to make a "Family Photo Shot List."

Write important combination you want me to photograph ( don't forget both side of the Family)

This list Family Shot List Example (Feel free to add more family combinations)

Group :

- Bride, Groom, Bridal Party,

- Brides entire side of the family

- Grooms entire side of the family

Bride and Groom together with:

- Brides grandparents

- Brides immediate family (Mother, Father, Siblings)

- Brides parents

- Grooms grandparents

- Grooms immediate family (Mother, Father, Siblings)

- Grooms parents

- Parents from both sides of the family

- Pastor/Priest

- Entire Bridal Court (including flower girls and ring bearer)

- Bridesmaids

- Groomsmen

- Matron of Honor and Best Man

But I want you to make your own list, of special people you like to be Photographed after the Ceremony. ( if you have Large Family or party.... We need to consider our time line....

Please Have it emailed to as soon as you get it done. It is a Big time saver and help everyone enjoy being photograph quick.