Mlubasphotography | Family Session in studio


Family Session $260
(sale tax included)

~Up to 1 hour session time

~20 Downloadable Digital Images

~Each additional is $10 each.

~Right to Print them anywhere you like



add on:
~Extra image is $10 each
~Saturday Session $50 Extra
~USB flash drive $20 Extra
~Extra hour is $150




Here  are Questions that most of my client ask me when they are interested doing a photo session with me.   Please take time to read this page, before  booking me for a session . Just to get an idea what to expect from the photo session. If you still have questions feel free to email me!

Thank you! Cant wait to hear from you back! 

Q:How to book a session?

A: Just email me to check my availability and  giving me some info:
1. Total members in your family
2.desire date
3. Where are you planing your session, outdoor, my studio, park or at your home.
Please Pre-book your session at least 3 week to your desire date.

Q:What are your hours and are you available  Saturday or Sunday?

A: Monday- Friday 90 min before the sunset, time may very with the season
 Saturday session is $50 extra. I am NOT available Sunday.....
Don't Forget it get darker really quick in fall and winter time.
Q: If it is cold or rains Do you have studio space?

A: Yes I do have studio space in my house.

we will be limited what we can do in my Studio, we can reschedule the session but

no  date or opeing can be guaranteed.

Q: Do we get ALL the photos from the session?
A: You DON'T get all the photos from your session.
I will proof around 40-60 images, and you will pick your 20  favorite
photos from the session, that are included in the Price.
I DONT give the rest of the photos "as is"  or (unedited version)
But  You are welcome to purchase more if you wish.

Q:Where can we take/have the session?

A:Oh It can be Park, field, your house, your backyard, or someone you know backyard...

But I do have list of location that I can suggestion, I will send that to you after we book the date.
If you have a location in mind let me know
To avoid traveling fee keep the location 
no more then 20 miles from zip code 19114.


Q:Can I choose more than one location
A: We only have one hour for the session, traveling from one location to another will take time away photographing you.
I don't recommend doing that. But you can add extra hour for your session to get everything you have planed out,
If you choose to do that , please let me know in advance…
Because we need to plane out our starting time accordingly.
Extra our is $150.

Q:What to wear?

A:Yeah this question seems to be the hardest for most moms especially coordination with the rest of the family. 
Thank God we have Pinterest to get us inspired! 
But I absolutely Love when mom wear a dress!


Q: How/when do we pay for our session?
A:Full session fee is do  right after the session, You can pay cash or check.
at this time i dont take credit cards.

Q:How will I get my final images, do you offer USB flash drive?

A: After I am done editing you favorite images, I will send you a downloadable link, And you can download the files to you computer, Photo printing right will also be attached to you email.
But If you still wish to get a copy send to you on USB flash drive. It will be $20 extra.
Q:Can someone come along with up a take snap shot photos of us while you work?

A:Unfortunately that will be rude, to do that, But after I am done Photographing you guys, they are more then Welcome to pose you and take pictures of you as well!


Q:How long I have to wait the get the images and why?

A: It take me 2 week to edit the photos, I  really don't sit  and edit your photos for 2 weeks,I also have other session, meeting, wedding and life that happened in between your editing..
But If you need 1-2 image for your Baby Shower sooner then that please let me know, and I see what i can do.


Q:What to Bring ?

A: Don't forget to bring water bottle , and any props you want.
Make sure to have in all in one bag, for easy carring around.
I can't wait to hear from you!