Mlubasphotography | DAY AFTER SESSIONS


I can’t say this enough – I LOVE DAY AFTER SESSIONS

There are so many benefits to doing a Day After session.. For starters, you don’t have to spend much/any time getting these photos on the wedding day, so you get to your reception faster and don’t have to leave your guests waiting for as long. You can also go to whatever location you want, and it gives me much more freedom to pose you because I don’t have to be so worried about getting dirt on the dress or the tux. We’re not rushed at all, so we can take time to try new and unique things and get a much more diverse collection of images for you to choose from.

Even though the session is called a Day After session, We DON"T do them on the actual day after the wedding. Many couples choose to wait until after they return from their honeymoon and have had time to relax and unwind from the flurry of wedding activity.If you’re interested in getting gorgeous images of you and your spouse-to-be, let me know!